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It is through the GEP Program that we would like to improve the foreign language competence of our students.


The actions of this program run to increment the exposure of the students to the curricular foreigner languages and take the education centres on the process was unfolded and stabilised like an own linguistic project.

The driving team is set up by Isa Montoro, Dídac Batlló, David Sánchez, Mercè Bacardit, Dolors Puertas, Montse Barniol, Rosabel Pardos, Alba Garro, Íngrid Perarnau, Remei Erro, Núria Sánchez and Moisès Anguera.


Institut Lluís de Peguera (est. 1927) was a very important piece in the developement of Manresa city. It is a centre that has been adapting to diverse social, cultural and economical situations. Our High School strives to help the people from Manresa to reach the required intellectual and professional standards for their future.

If we take a short stroll through history, we see that in the early 20th century, the early signs of the social and economical life in Manresa involved the origin of different civic and social organisations. For instance, there was a clear foresight into what was needed for the future, the school's role in the city and the surrounding areas.

Many aspects contribute to make up the current High School and to help teachers adapt themselves to today's constantly changing world.

At present, Institut Lluís de Peguera carries on to be a modern formation centre for present and future generations.

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